In our seventh Patreon exclusive episode of Unsolved Canadian Mysteries, we explore the story of the Calgary mummy.

In 1948, the Pearce family moved into 1805 20th Avenue NW in Calgary, Alberta. From the moment they arrived, Mrs. Pearce began complaining that something felt off about the place. She used the term “creepy presence”. Their daughters also said the same thing and said they felt like they were being watched.

That night, while doing dishes, one of the daughters screamed. She claimed a disembodied, ghostly hand touched her.

After calming the girls down and settling them into bed, Alfred Pearce noticed some of the floorboards in the bedroom were sagging. He took a look at the crawl space and noticed some of the support beams had been removed. He then began to pry up the old floorboards… and what he found caused him to wake his children, get his wife, and run out of the house as fast as they could.

As the police began investigating, more and more questions emerged, and very few answers. What did the find under the floorboards? Who put it there? And when exactly did it happen? For all those answers and more, find out in our new episode!