Who Is Unsolved Canadian Mysteries?

Your one-stop for all that has yet to be solved. Whether it’s true crime or the paranormal our hosts Dylan Fairman and Kenton de Jong are here to bring light to these dark topics. Check out our YouTube, TikTok or Instagram for our podcast episodes and even some outside-of-Canada mysteries as well. Or listen to the podcast on Apple Podcast, Spotify or anywhere you download podcasts.

Dylan Fairman

Dylan is the creative editing genius behind the process. He has experience in audio and video editing, having made content for music videos, weddings, gaming channels, and TikTok super-stars like Ryan Gregory Doka. He has been streaming one way or another for the past ten years and is working on a new channel called Punk My Duk Gaming. He also knows a little Japanese, tomodachi , and appreciates a good cup of scotch.

Kenton de Jong

Kenton is a web developer by day and a travel blogger by night. His work has been published in various magazines and has collaborated with organizations such as The Western Development Museum, Defining Moments Canada, and the University of Saskatchewan. He also created Regina Cemetery Tours – The Game, which received Honors by Awwwards. This won’t mean much to anybody except him, but he’s proud of it.