In our fifth Patreon exclusive episode of Unsolved Canadian Mysteries, we explore the August 1, 1989 disappearance of Doreen Jack (26) Ronald “Ronnie” Jack, (26), Russel Jack (9), and Ryan Jack (4).

The story begins at First Litre Pub near Prince George, British Columbia, where Ronnie is approached by an unknown man at the bar. Ronnie is looking for work, and the man mentions a job opportunity not too far from a local lumber mill. Ronnie could work at the mill, Doreen could work in the kitchen, and they have a daycare program for the kids. There is only one catch, the man says — we have to leave now.

Ronnie gets home and Doreen the offer. They pack up the kids, get a few belongings, and pile into the truck. The work program should only be for a few weeks as the kids need to return to school in September.

They never returned.

That itself is strange enough, but the botched police investigation, the missed evidence, and the many times the family fell through the cracks in the police system make you wonder what exactly happened that night in 1989.