In our eighth Patreon exclusive episode of Unsolved Canadian Mysteries, Kenton and Dylan discuss the authenticity of T. G. Hamilton’s famous ectoplasmic photography.

Thomas Glendenning and Lillian May Hamilton were faced with the sudden loss of their son due to the Spanish Influenza of 1918. Like many people at the time, they were struggling to cope with the meaning of life and death.

However, T. G. recounted a conversation with a colleague at the University of Manitoba a few years prior. His colleague told him about a psychic he had met stateside, and how amazed he was by her abilities to contact the dead.

The desire to communicate with their son drove T. G. and Lillian to begin experimenting as well. What started with Ouiji boards quickly evolved into full-blown ectoplasmic photography. By including witnesses and an entire wall of cameras, their documentation, and recordings about what they summoned brought them into the international spotlight. Everybody from former prime ministers to famous authors came to witness their seances.

But a hundred years later, ectoplasmic photography is no longer popular, and many who participated were found to be frauds. T. G. Hamilton and his wife were an exception, and their photography remains unexplained.

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