In our twenty-third episode of Unsolved Canadian Mysteries, Kenton de Jong and Dylan Fairman discuss a crime spree that took place in London Ontario during the 1960s-1980s that left dozens dead and many more with unanswered questions.

On October 4, 1969, Jackie English needed a ride home from work. She had just gotten a second job working at The Metropolitan and her mother usually picked her up when her shift was over, as they both worked on Highway 401, on the edge of London, Ontario. However, this day, Jackie’s mother was home recovering from surgery, and Jackie needed a ride. Thankfully she had made some new friends and they were going to pick her up.

She got into their car after work, and the driver closed the door behind her. Then, instead of driving back to London, the car started down the 401, away from the city, and towards Jackie’s death.

Jackie’s body would be found five days later, beaten, raped and naked. But the police didn’t have the means to investigate her crime, and to this day the case is unsolved. Why didn’t they have the time to investigate it? They were already investigating seven other women who were abducted and killed within the past two years. From 1968 – 1984, or 1959 – 1984 depending on who you ask, London Ontario had a string of serial killings, and only a handful of people were brought to justice. It is believed that there were between 6-9 serial killers in operation during this period, killing over 30 people.

But why did this happen? What was the reason? In this episode we talk about the killers, not the victims, the Chambermaid Slayer, the Mad Slasher, and the Bedroom Stranger. Lock your doors — especially your balconies. You never know who or what might be crawling in.

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