In our twenty-second episode of Unsolved Canadian Mysteries, Kenton de Jong and Dylan Fairman discuss Canada’s oldest documented case of demonic possession, the story of Barbe Hallay of 1660.

Barbe Hallay would find employment at Beauport, New France (outside modern-day Quebec City) as a teenager. However, not long after getting her position there, a man knocked on the door, requesting her hand in marriage. His name was Daniel Vuil.

Although only 13, Hallay was old enough to consent to wedding proposals, and declined Vuil’s offer. This enraged Vuil, and the story goes that he would leave the property, return home and summon demons from the depths of hell to terrorize Hallay into loving him.

This story contains some early famous high-profile Canadians, gruesome murders, spirits, demons, and a mother’s love.

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