In our twenty-first episode of Unsolved Canadian Mysteries, Kenton de Jong and Dylan Fairman discuss The Lost Lemmon Mine.

In 1870, Joe Lemmon and Blackjack were prospecting near the North Saskatchewan River not far from Calgary, Alberta. They would find gold placer deposits along the shoreline, and quickly found the primary gold vein. After mining the gold, and filling what bags they could, they settled in for the night. When the sun rose the next morning, Blackjack was dead and Lemmon fled the camp in terror.

When Lemmon arrived back to civilization, he had the gold ore assessed and discovered he had brought back around $27,000 worth of gold and ore. That is around $700,000 today. A second prospecting party was created, but time and time again, something would happen that prevented them from finding their gold — thus, the Curse of the Lost Lemmon Mine began.

Come listen to a story filled with gold-seeking adventurers, unexplained murders, ghosts, and a flood in 2005 that might have found clues to solving the whole thing.

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