In our twentieth episode of Unsolved Canadian Mysteries, Kenton de Jong and Dylan Fairman discuss The Mad Trapper Of Sheslay.

Michael Oros, or The Mad Trapper Of Sheslay, moved to Alaska in an attempt to avoid being drafted into the Vietnam War. After finding the conditions in Fairbanks too desolate, he moved south, into northern British Columbia to the abandoned mining village of Sheslay.

As time passed, Oros became more and more isolated from the world, and became more and more paranoid. He began writing about “sneak arounds” that would follow him in the shadows, and about “torture druggers,” who experimented and poisoned him.

Over several decades, Oros went from being a nuisance to a menace, but it was the disappearance of a fellow recluse, ex-Nazi Gunther Lishy, that got the police’s attention. As Oros became more violent, his actions devolved further and further away from a person, and more into a monster.

Come listen to a story that is sure to make you sit up and wonder what happened that day on March 19, 1985.

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